Covid-19 Update 28th June 2020

We are now starting to hire again but with a limited service.

Safety is always our top priority so we will be putting extra measures and changes in place to be able to hire during these challenging times and therefore keeping to the social distancing of 2 metres apart at all times; they will be...

1. NO Indoor Hires at all at the moment.

2. NO Soft Play, Ball Pools or Didicars to be hired out; ONLY Bouncy Castles.

3. Only Private Back Garden Hires for use ONLY by the occupants of that House and for the second Household and no more then 6 people from different households. No one else is allowed around to use the Bouncy castle

4. If customers are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 then they are to cancel or rearrange another date free of charge. This is important for our safety and to help control the spread of the disease.

5. NO Late Night Collections. The latest collection will be between 18.30-19.00.

6. We are limiting the number of hires we have a day to 4 only. Once we have 4 bookings for that day we will no longer take any more. This is so we have more time to clean and pack away the Bouncy Castle without rushing.

7. Once a Bouncy Castle is hired out that castle will then not be hired out again for 72 hours after collection. I.E. if a castle is hired out on Saturday it will not be available to hire again till Wednesday. This is just an extra precaution to ensure that any virus that could be possibly left after cleaning will be destroyed as it cannot survive on the material for longer then 72 Hours.

8. Card Payment Only.

9. There must be easy access to the back garden via a side gate, we cannot go through the house to access the garden.

10. There must be no one else in the garden when we setup and pack away.

11. Only one person from the house to come out once we have setup to go through the safety procedures and sign the T&C's using there own pen - this will be done by keeping a 2 metre distance at all times.

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